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How to boost your Self Confidence? (8 Tips)

You remember any time in school or college when you wanted to ask something in class but you couldn’t, or wanted to answer any question and you didn’t?


Or you had an eager desire to perform on stage and you could never muster up enough courage to do so?


on the forehead of a woman written "Confidence"


As a school-going kid, I always faced such hurdles. Although, as a teenager, I was fortunate enough to overcome such fears.


By practicing these tried-and-tested ways, you can pave your way to becoming a better and more charismatic personality.


Practical and Actionable Tips to building and improving Self Confidence  




Most of us, don’t lack self-confidence, what we really lack is “the just do it” mindset.
we think huge, even before taking a little step. By thinking a lot, we lessen our chances of doing things in real.
Overthinking creates unnecessary fear and negative possibilities in our minds that don’t even exist.
So next time, whenever you feel like you are lacking confidence, JUST DO THE THINGS that you are supposed to do.
Just raise your hand in class when you have any queries next time. Don’t hesitate!

2) Set Goals and Achieve ’em

The Habit of Procrastination is the killer of your confidence. It may sound strange but it is true.
Don’t you postpone your tasks whenever you lack confidence? Don’t lie you do!
This is why it is extremely important to set goals and achieve them.
If you think your social confidence is below the line, tomorrow morning while walking on the street, set the goal to talk to 5 random people and don’t be lazy to achieve it.

3) Think Positive about Yourself

The no1 reason why our confidence lacks 99% of the time is “because we are not positive about ourselves.”
Let’s assume, you got great Maths skills (that i lack myself personally) and someone comes to you and says, your Maths is trash! Would you mind his thing? In 99.99% of cases, you WON’t!
Because you are positive about yourself in this thing called “MATHS.”
So always be positive about yourself!

4) Stop Comparing Yourself to Other

One thing I have realized is “everybody is different from another.”
Here I remember one of the quotes which Einstein has said- 

If you judge a fish by its ability to climbing a tree, you are going to think her as a fool for your whole life.

Everyone has gotten different good qualities along with bad traits in them and their bringing up has taken place in different environments so there is no point in comparing them on the same criteria.
When we compare ourselves to others, whether that is through social media or face-to-face, then either we become OverConfident or we become UnderConfident. And remember both situations are something that you don’t want.
I believe “Comparing yourself to others” is a habit and such a habit that you can break. Just limit your interaction with people who are having the same habit and start living more with the people, who are confident in themselves.
You are soon going to see the drastic change.

5) Focus on What You Can Really Change

Let’s face it- there are things we can never-ever change! And also things that we can change by constant practicing.
You can’t change your height but can change the clothing style that in turn makes you look taller.
You can’t change your face structure however you can take care of it and make it more attractive.
You can’t control how others behave with you but you can change your react towards their actions.
Stop wasting your time on things that are not gonna change, invest it where it gives real results.

6) Break up with Toxic People

I had a friend.
As much as I knew him, he was not a person with a bad heart, however with a bad mouth.
He had a deep habit of criticizing people. We were friends for 2 years.
Quite a time later, I realized myself becoming like him. My character had gotten some of his toxic traits.
This was the time I decided to keep away from him. And I haven’t regretted this decision once in the last three years.
Toxic people lower your self-confidence because they make you feel negative about yourself. And remember, negativity is the no1 killer of self-morale.

7) Explore the NEW!

Facing something for the first time might be fearful but when we face it, the fear lessens drastically.
people at the bank of lake


Exploring new things whether it’s a new place, or skill, or anything, makes us feel more confident about ourselves.
So, Go and just do it!

8). Take Care of Your Health and Mind

When you are having a headache or stomachache, do you feel self-confident?
Self-confidence begins with SELF. So make yourSELF stronger first by taking care of your body health and mind.
Sleep at Time, wake up at the time, meditate, and most importantly jerk off but less often ( I know, it is easier said than done but it needs a try). Taking care of your inner self is that simple.
Just reading won’t help, applying these tips into action will pay off. I hope these suggestions on building self morale will be helpful. (899 words)


I write about Osho. I'm available at navin@sochokuchnaya.com

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